Hardel Plywood is equipped with three COE-72 Jet Dryers heated by thermal fluid from a Wellons 60 Million BTU Furnace. All dryers have the latest technology in drying with Sweed Auto Feeders and Delta-T drying systems.

Hardel's veneer preparation department includes 18 Skoog Veneer pluggers and a 10ft Hashimoto Veneer Composer. These give Hardel the ability to produce and repair veneers up to 5x10 feet.

The layup department consists of 4 presses, a SparTek, 40-opening 4x8, a COE 40-opening 4x10, a Globe 30-opening 5x10, and a SparTek 30-opening 5x10. At this time, we can produce up to a 1,000,000 ft 3/8 basis daily in panels of any grade and thickness from 4x8 -5x10.

Our panel patching procedures allow Hardel to customize your order for it's final application. We have the capability to use 2 component synthetic patch material or repair with wood patches exclusively.

Hardel's finishing department consists of 2 Globe saws capable of cutting finished dimensions from 4x8 to 5x10. Our Globe specialty saw can texture softwood or hardwood siding panels with groove patterns of 4", 4" kerf, 8" and 12" on center.

Our 3 sanders give us flexibility to finish panels with smooth sand in sizes from 4x8 to 5x10, and our hardwood sander can produce panels in sizes 4x8 to 4x10.