For long-range shipments Hardel uses Union Pacific Railroad and Burlington Northern Railroad. A fleet of diesel trucks and trailers service customers in the Pacific Northwest. Loading docks provide for end loading of 102" wide van trailers for highway or piggy-back shipments.

Hardel's shipping facility has onsite scales and a covered loading area. Hours of operation are from 7am-10pm Monday through Friday. Rail cars can be loaded 7 days a week.

Environmental Commitment

We have been actively involved in improving our environment and conserving our natural resources.  Hardel has committed to reduction of the generation of wastes, protection of clean air and water, sustainable protection of the land, and the wise use of energy.  We are committed to creating environmentally sustainable forms of economic progress.

Because preservation of our natural resources and the environment are a top priority, Hardel has developed a significant and effective Sustainable Growth Program. Building our business while we protect and conserve our natural resources can demonstrate our desire to be a good neighbor in the community.  Through diligent efforts by our employees we have shown measurable environmental gains, millions of dollars saved and good expectation for tomorrow.  We have accomplished the following:

  • reduced landfill wastes by 250 tons per year by recycling boiler ash into soil conditioner
  • committed to zero discharge of process waters to the WWTP by recycling glue wash waters and dryer wash waters, thereby saving hundreds of dollars in water treatment charges
  • reduced the use of natural gas by improving our methods of collecting in-house generated woodwaste and burning woodwaste in the thermal fluid heater
  • reduced landfill wastes by 500 tons per year by doing a better job of collecting all woodwaste generated in the plant
  • reduced natural gas usage by purchasing a renewable resource, woodwaste, from outside vendors to supplement our existing fuel and burn in the thermal fluid heater
  • maintained our use of renewable resource raw woods such as Hemlock and Douglas fir from sustained growth forests in the manufacturing of our plywoods to assure adequate supplies in the future.
  • committed to a stringent recycling program for used oils, scrap metals, pallet boards, antifreeze, cleaning solvents, resins, and glues thereby reducing material in the waste stream.

We constantly look for ways to reduce usage of electricity and other energy sources throughout the plant.  We strive to use wood fiber efficiently, reuse residuals wisely and find ways to recycle.  Working with regulatory agencies, local, state, and federal governments, our goal is to develop business solutions that are good for our community and for the environment.


Hardel is vitally concerned with protecting employees' safety and health.  The prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses is a top priority to us.  We have established a written accident prevention program manual that emphasizes the integration of safety and health measures into each job task so that safety-health and job performance become inseparable.  Our managers, supervisors and employees follow these written procedures in order to seek the lowest possible industrial accident rates.

Safety orientation for new employees, safety training, a management-employee safety committee, an active self-inspection program, proper mechanical guards, and personal protective equipment are some of the tools used to reduce work hazards.  Hardel works dilligently towards the ultimate goal of zero injuries.


Hardel Plywood is equipped with three COE-72 Jet Dryers heated by thermal fluid from a Wellons 60 Million BTU Furnace. All dryers have the latest technology in drying with Sweed Auto Feeders and Delta-T drying systems.

Hardel's veneer preparation department includes 18 Skoog Veneer pluggers and a 10ft Hashimoto Veneer Composer. These give Hardel the ability to produce and repair veneers up to 5x10 feet.

The layup department consists of 4 presses, a SparTek, 40-opening 4x8, a COE 40-opening 4x10, a Globe 30-opening 5x10, and a SparTek 30-opening 5x10. At this time, we can produce up to a 1,000,000 ft 3/8 basis daily in panels of any grade and thickness from 4x8 -5x10.

Our panel patching procedures allow Hardel to customize your order for it's final application. We have the capability to use 2 component synthetic patch material or repair with wood patches exclusively.

Hardel's finishing department consists of 2 Globe saws capable of cutting finished dimensions from 4x8 to 5x10. Our Globe specialty saw can texture softwood or hardwood siding panels with groove patterns of 4", 4" kerf, 8" and 12" on center.

Our 3 sanders give us flexibility to finish panels with smooth sand in sizes from 4x8 to 5x10, and our hardwood sander can produce panels in sizes 4x8 to 4x10.